Salesforce Winter’14 New Features

General Enhancements

Search More Fields in Enhanced Lookup’s  (Suggested Feature)

More Search options in Enhanced Lookup’s(Delivered Feature)


Make Chatter Group Inactive/Archive (Suggested Feature)

Archived Groups in Chatter (Delivered Feature)

Chatter Mention Utilization for Chatter Groups (Suggested Feature)

@mention Chatter Groups(Delivered Feature)

Merge and/or Rename Chatter Topics(Suggested Feature)

Topics With the  same name merged(Delivered Feature)

Modify the 1000 character limit for a Chatter Comment(Suggested Feature)

Increased Post and Comment Size(Delivered Feature)

Add Thumbnail Preview of Link Post(Suggested Feature)

New Preview Links(Delivered Feature)


Service Cloud Console Available in the Sales Cloud(Suggested Feature)

Introducing the Salesforce Console For Sales(Delivered Feature)

Opportunity Splitting & Customizable Forecasting(Suggested Feature)

See Opportunity Split in Sales Forecast(Delivered Feature)

Link Price book to Account or Customer(Suggested Feature)

Creating Lookup Relationships(Delivered Feature)

Include send and add option for new emails(Suggested Feature)

Send and Add Emails(Delivered Feature)

Add Events to Salesforce Records (Suggested Feature)

Add Events to Salesforce Records with Event Association(Delivered Feature)

Ability to Hide ‘View Account Hierarchy’ Link  (Suggested Feature)

Hiding the Account Hierarchy Link(Delivered Feature)

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Cloud Server Performance: A Comparative Analysis of 5 Large Cloud IaaS Providers

The Confusing Marketplace

As the market quickly saturates with IaaS providers, the decision-making complexity of choosing the right provider evolves as well. Cloud Spectator monitors IaaS performance of over 20 of the world’s most well-known cloud providers to guide businesses in the selection process to maximize performance efficiency and minimize cost.

This report highlights and analyzes the performance of 5 of the largest cloud providers in the market today: Amazon EC2, Rackspace OpenStack Cloud, HP Cloud, SoftLayer CloudLayer Compute, and Windows Azure. Results from the 5-day experiment prominently display the performance differences in providers, with Windows Azure, the highest-performing provider, scoring 3 times better than Amazon EC2, the lowest-performing provider, on average.

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Integrating Using XML in Apex Code

In a recent project we had to read XML data sent from an external  system and update the records in Salesforce. The external system had a REST API that accepted ExternalID as an input and gave us updated values based on the ExternaID. We then used these updated values to update the records in the system. In the process of building our project we discovered that there was very little information on reading XML inside an Apex class.

When integrating with an external system we have to use global standards or a universally recognizable language/ protocol that is recognizable by both systems in integration. supports global standards of SOAP and REST based API. You can read more about the two on the help topic on API.  For data transfer between the two systems we have different options like XML, JSON and even plain text. While using the REST API we can send values via XML, JSON or even plain text in its body. SOAP supports only XML, however, XML is the most popular way of data transfer between systems.

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4 Secrets to Developing Addictive Mobile Apps

Enterprise applications have the potential to transform the way you do business. This can be done by creating apps that offer engaging features for all users, including customers and employees.

There is a recipe worth following that makes all the difference when it comes to enterprise app success. To truly design addictive apps, you need to answer “yes” to the following four questions.

1. Does your app bring people together in new ways?

Offer real business value by creating an app that makes deep interactions across your enterprise possible. Provide options for collaboration, including ways to notify, ask, post, listen, recommend, like, follow, and bookmark.  Allow for connections between employees, customers, partners, and vendors, and make it possible for them to link processes, documents, data, equipment, and more.

2. Does your app prompt people to engage?

Your app needs to be inviting to new users. And it better not require someone to read a manual or provide documentation before giving it a spin. First-time exploration should be low-risk for the user. The app also needs to be fun and provide instant gratification. Consider adding a gamification element.

3. Does your app offer easy connections to complementary apps?

Become aware of other relevant apps and systems you can connect your app to, and make it easy for data to move in and out when appropriate. Provide built in customization functionality and standard-based APIs. Create the needed level of security, accountability and traceability, while remaining transparent to the user.

4. Is your app transforming its category, industry or niche?

Keep innovation at the forefront. Think a year or several years ahead on where your market space could be as the cloud becomes standard, and devices and connectivity continue to improve. Remember that the consumer world will often lead in certain domains. It’s a lucrative position to be in if you can deliver the same functionality to businesses.

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Get Help with Zoho’s SSO transition

As posted on Zoho’s website…

“Zoho Single sign-on (Zoho SSO) is an access method that enables users to log in once and have access to the multiple services of Zoho without being prompted to re-authenticate for other services.

Previously while accessing Zoho services, users had the liberty of accessing all the Zoho Apps (except Zoho CRM) with a single User name and password. However, this User name and password would not allow access to Zoho CRM. Users had to create a different account name in Zoho CRM.

With this release, Zoho CRM becomes a part of Zoho SSO. This means users once created within the Zoho CRM need not create a different account (User name and password) for accessing other Zoho services and vice versa.”

Pegasys has designed a set of best practices to  help existing Zoho customers to smoothly sail through this transition. May it be re-creating web-lead forms to integrating different modules into CRM we can HELP.

Please contact us for more details.

Uday Bendala

Phone: 248-327-3541(US)


Transition program for Coghead customers

As recently reported by TechCrunch,  Coghead, a well known provider of PaaS(Cloud) based application development platform, is closing its doors for good after a takeover bid by ERP giant SAP AG.

To assist the existing Coghead customers in their transtion to other similar platforms/providers,Pegasys anounces a Transition Program.

What you can expect from Pegasys

1. Analyze the existing application setup and suggest best value addeded approach in choosing the next best option.

2. Migrate business rules/data into the new platform.

3. Work with customers in continually enhance their existing applications and processes, inline with the industry standards.

Pegasys and its partner Wolf frameworks, developed a plan to assist in this transition. Wolf frame works operates in the same domain as Coghead and is offering to migrate & restore stranded Coghead customer applications without any initial financial commitment or programming. WOLF Platform technology is able to read Coghead application design XML without any manual intervention & restore all entities, screens, business rules, complete application design & even import data thru’ an automated utility.

Please contact us for more details.

Uday Bendala

Ph: 248-327-3541(US)


Avail Free trial for !!!

Pegasys has partnered with to provide you with a powerful, yet easy to use content management and collaboration platform.

Box enables you to:

  • Share large Files with anyone
  • Access your files anywhere
  • Edit and preview documents online
  • Maximize productivity
  • Comprehensive Control and Oversight
  • Enterprise Grade Security

Watch ashort demo of Box Enterprise

To sign up for a FREE 14 Day Trial call Pegasys today at +1.248.341.3783(USA) or +91.99631.00991(India) or email us to

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